Price: From upper $600s
Est. Monthly Energy Cost: $00
Sq. Ft.: 2500-4000
Location: Camas, WA
Phone: 503-709-3900


The Marnella Homes Difference: All new homes become existing homes once moved into, just like a new car becomes used once it is driven off the car lot. What features in your next new home will provide lasting value when it is resold as an existing home? We have created a guide that lists some of the features that we believe will provide lasting value and reward our homeowners year over year.

Use this guide to assist in your home search to help fairly compare the new homes you are viewing. Take notes, ask questions and then you can make a truly educated purchasing decision. Remember, all new homes are not created equal. What is behind the sheet rock can be just as important as what is in front of it.


Verona Competition
Home Selling Assistance Program
Free Construction 101 classes
EPS provided for estimating total utility costs
Cloud based homeowner portal


9’ ceiling on all floors
Full wood wrap windows on all floors
Double 2×6 common wall system for improved sound mitigation
Engineered web joist floor system to improve installation and performance of interior systems
Advance framing & drywall clips. Less wood means more insulation
Vented Rainscreen exterior wall system to prevent trapped moisture


Designer selected interior finishes
Healthy indoor environments
Dropzone near garage access for everyday accessibility
iSpace for homeowner or family business (per plan)
Full size garages


95% efficient furnace and high efficiency tankless hot water heater
All ductwork installed within the conditioned space
Spray foam at rim joist and extensive air sealing measures
Blown in wall insulation creating a R44 insulation rating for common walls for improved efficiency and sound mitigation
Homes Built to a minimum NGBS “Gold” certification
EPA WaterSense compliant
Blown in ceiling insulation creating a rating of R49
Whole house ventilation control system for healthier indoor air
Blown in wall insulation creating rating to R24

Jennifer Cunnington

Text the word "Own" to 94510 for financing information.