Price: From $344,950
Est. Monthly Energy Cost: $79
Sq. Ft.: 1755 -2137
Location: Vancouver, WA
Phone: 503-709-3900

Marnella Advantage
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Marnella Advantage
Here are the reasons why Hiddenbrook stands above others when it comes to building green:
  • 98% efficient gas forced air heating system
  • 93% efficient gas tankless hot water heater
  • Whole house ventilation control system
  • All duct work is in conditioned space and sealed for maximum efficiency and reduction of heat loss
  • Exclusive use of the “Shaw Green Edge” product line for flooring and counters
  • Our common wall system consists of a layer of 5/8” drywall on each side of two 2 x 6 blown-in Polar Blanket Insulated walls with a 1” air space between each wall to reduce sound transmission.
  • Blown-in wall insulation increasing rating to R-23 and increased common wall rating to R-44
  • Increased ceiling insulation to a rating of R-49
  • Under floor insulation increased to a rating of R-38
  • Vented rainscreen wall system providing air space under siding to prevent water intrusion
  • Engineered web joist floor systems for improved installation and efficiency of indoor systems
  • Kiln dried framing materials
  • Third party consultants used to ensure building is dry prior to drywall
  • Third party consultants used to ensure the exterior weather barrier is installed properly to prevent moisture penetration
  • Third party consultants used to ensure structural integrity during construction
  • EPA WaterSense Compliant
  • IndoorAirPlus Compliant
  • An HERS is available on all homes to assist in estimating performance and energy savings
  • HVAC on 2nd floor for increased efficiency
  • Use of advanced framing & drywall clips for more efficiency use of lumber to allow more space in walls for insulation
  • Closed cell foam sprayed at rim joists in conjunction with complete air sealing of entire shell of home significantly reducing energy loss
eps-score HERS, or home energy rating system, rates the efficiency of a home and measures it against similar sized-homes in the area. With HERS, the lower the score, the more efficient the home. Scores can range anywhere from 0 to over 500, with zero being the best possible rating. Visit the Residential Energy Services Network to read more about HERS and why it's important to you!

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